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Streamlined Reporting Solutions

AVAC Services can assist you increasing the productivity, revenue, and overall quality of your medico-legal reports while reducing the time required by up to 80%. Our drafted medico-legal reports are tailored to the needs of each clinician, ensuring that they are truly personalised.


Our streamlined reporting solutions can reduce the time required to produce medico-legal reports by up to 80%


We have developed a single reporting tool for the treating clinician, which takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Once this has been completed, and the patient has completed their report package, our Drafting Team will commence drafting the report. 


Our streamlined reporting solutions include multiple tools at no extra cost. These tools can be further invoiced by the clinician to several Government Departments, in some instances covering the AVAC Services fee.


We ensure that our Drafting Team and Quality Assurance Team provide a thorough report. We specialise in mitigating unnecessary rejections from insurance companies and other Government Departments by ensuring that all aspects of the report have been addressed in detail. 


We ensure that the quality of our drafted reports are at the highest standard by having them proofed by our internal Quality Assurance Team. 


Our Drafting Team will ensure that all reports are completed no later than 14 Business days from receiving the report request. We can also produce drafted reports within 48hours, subject to a Quick Report Fee (QRF) surcharge. 

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