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You can rest assured that you are in good hands at AVAC Services. Our team has extensive experience in Military Compensation Legislation and Consultancy. We are one of Australia’s only professional advocacy services with qualified and DVA-accredited advocates.


Our Advocates are here to support current and former members of the ADF by providing representation for accessing their benefits and entitlements. 

How we can help

Liability Claims

We will help you explore all potential liability claims, ensuring your covered for all ADF related injuries, illnesses and diseases.

SRDP/TPI Considerations

We will assist you in preparing a submission for the Special Rate Disability Pension and TPI considerations. 

Defence Force Ombudsman Claims

We can help you prepare a statement and evidence for the Defence Force Ombudsman.

Compensation Claims

We will help maximise your compensation claims, ensuring you get what you deserve.

Claims Roadmap

We offer claims roadmap sessions, where we will tailor a claims roadmap so you know what and how you can claim your entitlements.

Commonwealth Superannuation Invalidity Pensions

We will help you prepare a Retrospective Medical discharge and reclassifications for CSC invalidity pensions.

Our Process

With AVAC Services, you and your DVA advocate become a team. We'll take away the stress of submitting a DVA Claim by being with you every step of the way. 



Let's get the conversation started with a complimentary consultation. Our team stands ready to navigate your situation, helping you assess possible outcomes and guiding the necessary procedures towards a favourable resolution. During the consultation, our team will collect information and provide you with complete transparency regarding all available options and potential outcomes.



Utilise our no-win, no-fee service to obtain the necessary advocacy and support you require for your claim. Once you have decided to proceed with our services and completed our onboarding pack, we will assist you in accessing a network of trusted DVA specialist GPs and other specialists for an accurate assessment of your conditions. 

Our team is highly experienced with the DVA claim system, so we will prepare all your paperwork to ensure no essential information is overlooked.



After your submission, we will collaborate with you and/or the doctors on your existing medical team to acquire any additional evidence that could strengthen the merit of your claim.

We understand that the liability process can be lengthy, especially for MRCA clients. That's why we strive to make the claims experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. We constantly communicate with the DVA, so nothing is overlooked throughout the process. During this time, we ensure that we are always available to assist you with everything from claiming Household Services Support to sourcing financial advisors.

In-patient Veteran Liaison Services

Our in-patient liaison services provide invaluable support to current and former ADF members who are undergoing treatment at mental health clinics. Through free, personalised consultations, we ensure our clients have the guidance necessary to move forward with their claim submission process. We strive to empower these individuals by helping them forge a path towards successful, unassisted liability and military compensation management.

In addition to the assistance we offer through our In-Patient Veteran Liaison Services, clients may take advantage of our fee-based DVA advocacy services. Should they prefer free help from other ex-service organisations, we are more than happy to assist them in locating solutions that suit their needs.

Our consulting services here at AVAC Services offer veteran medical providers a level of expertise and knowledge that has become indispensable when it comes to helping complex clients. We specialise in providing expert advice on claims processing and DVA services, helping guide medical practitioners through the often-complicated onboarding procedures necessary to encapsulate all co-occurring conditions. Additionally, our experts can provide guidance on the administrative processes surrounding claims management. We also conduct information sessions to clarify misinformation and inform on various topics, including DVA, processes, and benefits available for veterans.

Consultancy Services

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