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What Do Our Clients Say?

"After having struggled with the DVA claims process myself, I am truly grateful for having utilised the services and support offered by AVAC. Kristian and his team are champions for veterans who no longer have the ability to fight for themselves or what they are entitled to.

The extremely positive outcomes I have experienced could not have been achieved without their passion and expertise, so I implore any veteran  going through this process to reach out like I did, as it can change the trajectory of your life."

Zak - Royal Australian Navy Veteran (Submariner) 

"Kristian and the team at AVAC Services have well and truly gone above and beyond of what I expected. When I didn't know how or what to do with my DVA matters, I reached out to AVAC. Once I did, I quickly learnt that you cant navigate it all by yourself. Kristian is genuinely here to help you with whatever you need. AVAC assisted me with all of my DVA claims, CSC pension claim, incapacity claim and the veteran payment. They are truly a one-stop-shop. They have always been there to answer any questions. They always communicate effectively and keep you informed on what stage your claims/applications are at. 10/10 priceless service."

Jacob - Australian Army Veteran (Infantry)

"I am a veteran who was getting the runaround from DVA with the claims processes, and their continual phone calls and emails were really stressing me out. I found AVAC Services from a google search and signed on. Instantly, AVAC took control. They advised DVA not to contact me but to send all correspondence to them. They took the phone calls from DVA. I had no more stress. If you are getting the runaround, call AVAC Services. It is well worth it for the relative peace of mind. AVAC Services also seemed to get action on my claims far quicker than I had been able to. I highly recommend them to anyone considering the daunting DVA claims process. AVAC Services knows what you could claim for and leaves no stone unturned."

Margaret - Australian Veteran (Radio Operator)

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